Instruction For You How To Use Laptop Batteries

To all Battey users:

    Thanks for your trust and choice to our laptop battery. Please refer to our manual before using. It can help you to know how to use correctly and take good care of their health. As we know, Battery is a kind of expendable with a Limited life. but it can evidently as long as we keep them properly and charge and discharge suitability.

Revise your laptop battery to arrive at the best perfomance

There is a Micro-CPU inside the Battery. It can calculate the power when charging or discharging. It’s necessary to update again and again to ensure the time and percent will be displayed correctly on the screen.

1. Please click right key at the blank of Screen, and Choose the “attribute” – “Screen-ProtectionItem” – “power” – “The project for power use” – “Portable”.  Then mark all items as “Never” and cancel alarm when less-power or no power.

2. Use only battery until there is no power to supply the laptop and shut down.

3. Connect laptop with adapter and charge it to 100%, it should be charged or discharged completely to make that be powerful when you use it for the fore three-times. We kindly advise you to charge the new battery more than 14 hours ( Including the battery stored for a long-time ).

You have to revise your battery after discharge them and charge them to 100%, then, no matter how about the power, you can take off the power at anytime. Meanwhile, you can charge them and discharge them completely to calculate the power. It will never affect the fact Capacity of battery.

Tip: All the files will be lost when the battery discharge completely and Laptop will be shutted down forcedly.


How to store the battery?

The battery will be damaged when you leave it for a long-time. We kindly advise you that take the battery out from the laptop if you do not plan to use that frequently, you can charge the battery at 60%-80% and store it in a dry, cool and clean room. It is necessary for you to charge them in time to avoid the damage and the loss of battery power. It will be more helpful for you to ensure the battery work better to use it once a month.


The security of Battery

Do not make the battery be short-cycle, it will be affected seriously.

Do not Hit, Throw or Abuse, it will cause the corrosive appears on the battery.

Do not store the battery in a hot ,wet or rainy room.

Do not throw the battery to the fire. keep it far away from fire away from fire. It will be exploded by this.

Do not decompose, repair or Juggle the battery, it would burn, and The alkalescency liquor will cause Fire or hurt to human .Even Death.

Do not perforate the battey with a sharp weapon.



1. Question: How long can a new battery to supply the laptop?

Answer: It is very hard to ensure the running time of new battery. It is decided by the power of equipment, the size of screen, hard disk or other accessory, they need the power to supply, total running time of  battery will be decided by the design of equipment as well.


2. Question: Why the power will be reduced even no use?

Answer: Because of the humidity and non-insulated environment. All the batteries will be discharged naturally. It depends on the quality and newness grade. It is nomal to reduce 1% power in 3-4 days.


3. Question: Should l take out the battery when l use the adapter?

Answer: Generally speaking , the battery will be charged when the power lower than 95%. so just as you like. But we advise that do not take out the battery. It is helpful to keep the date better. if necessary for you to take out, please do remember to charge  them in time and keep them properly as we mentioned.


4. Question: Will it shorten the life if not use them completely?

Answer: The life of battey calculate accord to the cycle time. Li-ion battery can last for 300-400 times. Of course, it’s no necessary worry about that it will be calculated when you charge it for a short time. Actually, they will be calculated when charge and discharge fully as one time cycle .


5. Question: Why does my power display as 0% although I charge it for more than  20 hours and laptop will be shut down without adapter?

Answer: Check the Connection beteeen Battery and Laptop! It can not charge the battey but only check the data. so, you can take the battery out and try it for serial times. Plug the battey into laptop and it’s available when you hear “Du”.  Please pay more attention to IBM Series and try more to debar this kind of problem.


6. Question: Why does the laptop discharge while working without adapter. but shut down without adapter at once charge it to 100%?

Answer: You should look into the temperature of working environment, it will automatically shut down to protect the battery while working in a high-temperature room. You can take out the battery and keep it in a cold dry place for a while then. Re-try toturn on the laptop. Also another possibility exist: Maybe something wrong during the laptop-charging. then, please check that is it working with original battery. 

7. Question: What’s the matter with my Dell laptop when I Plug the battery. but it shows:Cannot find the battery ?

Answer: This just proves that it is not compatible with your laptop. Please ask your supplier to change another one.


8. Question: It can work without battery. but will shut down when connect with battery?

Answer: It seems the battery is damaged. You should change another new one. But it appears rarely.


9. Question: Why does my laptop always be shut down automatically before previse to dormancy for many times? Furthermore, why can it last for few minutes only?

Answer: Pleaser refer to the “Revise your battery to work in a best way”, Please contact with your sopplier to change another new battery if can not solve it all the same!


10. Question: Why the power can only charge to 30%? How to be 100%?

Answer: Pleaser refer to the “Revise your battery to work in a best way” Please contact with your sopplier to change another new battery if can not solve it all the same!


11. Question: Why does my laptop show 100% power after 10 minutes charging at the first time?

Answer:Pleaser refer to the “Revise your battery to work in the best way”. Please contact with your supplier to change another new battery if can not solve it all the same!


12. Question: Why I Can use it for 3 hours at the first time, but can not charge in the second time. Is there anything wrong with the battery?

Answer: Pleaser refer to the “Revise your battery to work in a best way”. Please contact with your supplier to change another new battery if can not solve it all the same!


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